Chapter 1. Father Martin and the Ancient Truth

*Currently Drafting*

I will be referring to Father Martin’s recent translation of Chapter 2 of the THE LOST BOOK OF KING OG in this chapter. If you’ve read this far and you want more #SENDAPUBLISHER.

I will also be editing the previous 2 chapters. They’re quasi-clean, but I want them perfect.

The KING OG aspect of this project has gotten some interesting feedback. Nephilim conspiracy theorist STEVE QUAYLE has been citing the document as truth. You can follow the gist of the story at my blog here: DEMMON’S BLOG



PS. The original Gonteekwa story was written as “A Boy and His Gonteekwa.” I had to sink the origin story somewhere, and I figured a hard online prologue might get me some traction. The tone in the prologue has been decidedly religious and gothic. Its about to change. In fact, a 2 chapter sequence is coming where a young man tames and befriends the beast. For these chapters I would cite the tone as as “dark frivolity.”


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